We help online marketplaces generate more revenue through effective and scalable search engine optimisation

Ready to scale your organic traffic?

If you’re interested in growing organic search traffic to your marketplace, speak with us today.

Who Do We Help?


We help classifieds grow in all industries including real estate, automotive & jobs.


We specialise in helping both one and two sided marketplaces grow their organic search traffic and marketshare.

We know you can't build, sustain and grow
a marketplace business on paid traffic alone.

After years spent working exclusively with leading classifieds and marketplaces in a range of verticals and markets, we have the knowledge, systems and infrastructure that are proven to rapidly accelerate relevant organic search traffic.

Make Our IP, Your IP

We don’t sell black box systems. We transfer our knowledge and technical ability to your team giving you a true and ongoing competitive edge.

Powerful Data Analysis

Traffic alone is of no benefit. Marketplaces need growth in traffic that converts. Our expertise is identifying and growing the traffic that will make you No. 1. 

Scalable Organic Traffic

Sophisticated technical framework and systems, proven to rapidly accelerate organic traffic growth. Organic growth rates of our partners typically exceed 100% YoY.

We're not a typical SEO agency

Instead, we help our partners to build, customise and maintain search & data mining systems that replicate the “black box” strategies of many high-end SEO companies and vertical search businesses.

Typical Digital

Will work with any company.

Generalists with no domain experience in classifieds.

Focused on simplistic on-site optimisation and laborious content marketing strategies.

High cost ongoing monthly fees, typically not tied to performance.

No vested interest in outcomes - often working for multiple competitors in the same market

Solely works with one company in a given
market and vertical

Specialists in classifieds & marketplaces.

Sophisticated advice and strategies assist clients to build a system to continuously drive organic traffic - this intellectual property is yours to own.

Low ongoing monthly cash costs, with equity remuneration directly referable to performance.

Completely invested in the outcome of your business.

Ready to scale your organic traffic?

If you’re interested in growing organic search traffic to your marketplace, speak with us today.

We don't have customers in the traditional sense

We partner exclusively with businesses that we believe have the capacity to be or remain the market leader. 

Our management team then invest their skills, intellectual property and effort into ensuring your business succeeds. 

Due Diligence

Out portfolio consists of carefully considered marketplaces who we believe have the potential to succeed.

One Market, One Vertical

We’ll only ever accept one vertical in one market into our portfolio. We will not support competing businesses, ever.

Total Alignment

We’re so sure we can deliver results we selectively consider engagement models weighted toward equity for performance.

You're in Good Company

With over a decade of experience helping and running classifieds & marketplaces in a wide range of industries, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. 

Here are just a few of the marketplaces who’ve benefited from our organic search strategies.

What People Said About Us

Don’t just take our word for it, here are some kind words from some of our business partners.


If you’re interested in growing your traffic and increasing lead flow speak with us today.

Our Management Team

The Portal Ventures team is driven by a board of leading marketplace & classifieds experts. Our team are actively involved or operating classifieds and marketplaces across multiple verticals and countries. Their experience ranges from building portals from scratch, to exiting businesses for tens of millions.

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